Logistics Consulting – Delivering Alternatives and Solutions

Tag Logistics is a distribution and logistics consulting company that specializes in providing solutions to the wholesale distribution industry.

Our services include:

  • Delivery and transfer route design
  • Freight cost control
  • Warehouse layout and optimization
  • Fleet management

Tag Logistics Blog – Latest Articles

  • Cost of running EquipmentJanuary 27, 2016
    Are you getting ready to replace or add delivery trucks? Since 2007, the average cost of a new truck has risen over 40%. A new 26’ delivery box truck can cost $91,000+. We ask a basic question at Tag …

  • Net FreightJanuary 27, 2016
    Tag Logistics has developed a freight cost management process that produces significant savings for wholesale distributors. We call it the “net freight process”. Put simply, the focus of the net freig …

Over the last fifteen years, we have helped our clients REDUCE transportation and distribution COSTS BY an average of 16% annually delivering alternatives & solutions.

We provide both long and short-term solutions to the most difficult distribution challenges. We use our integrated expertise in areas of finance, delivery evaluation and selection, equipment usage and engineering, maintenance, human resources and management information systems to develop strategic improvements and achieve substantial cost savings.

Our integrated expertise in finance, equipment, delivery analysis, maintenance and carrier negotiations enable us to develop strategic improvements and substantial cost savings for our clients.